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Falkland, Fife

I'm a qualified master herbalist based in Falkland, Fife and I started practicing herbal medicine after graduating from the Irish School of Herbal Medicine in 2017.

I offer herbal medicine consultations, workshops and make herbal products. My approach is holistic and I grow or forage most of the herbs used in my dispensary and products myself. I also enjoy sharing my love of growing and foraging plants through workshops and herb walks and talks.

Thanks for visiting my website, please use it to find out more about what I offer and dont hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Herbal Medicine Consultations

I offer Herbal Medicine consultations from a quiet and private room upstairs in the Pillars of Hercules Farm Shop and Cafe in Falkland, Fife on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is well suited to support the management of a wide range of health concerns and is especially suited to chronic conditions. However, you do not need to be ill to attend a herbalist, it can also be used as a form of preventative medicine to boost your health or when you just don't feel quite right.

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